Toyota Launches the New “Raize” in Japan

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The all-new Toyota Raize is a compact SUV small passenger car that measures less than 4 meters in length. Toyota Launches the New “Raize” in Japan. It caters to the desires of customers who want to drive an SUV passenger car, who want to load their cars with a lot of luggage, but it is for them who also wish to have a car that is compact and easy to drive. The Toyota Raize car was developed to be “active, useful, and compact. Easy to use for leisure on weekends use, it provides daily support for customers in a variety of active scenarios.

Toyota Launches the New "Raize" in Japan

Toyota Launches the New “Raize” in Japan and this is the 1st compact car produced by Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. It incorporates its next-generation car making platform, DNGA, which anticipates product development for both Toyota Motor and Daihatsu Motor brands. All aspects of the Toyota Raize car including its platform and powertrain unit have been newly developed. The goal of realizing outstanding levels of driving performance, luxury, safety, and peace of mind.

Toyota Raize features a compact body just 3,995 millimeters long and 1,695 millimeters wide. It is equipped with impressively large 17-inch tires that provide a sense of power and stability unique to SUVs.

Toyota Raize a compact SUV boasts a class-leading 369-liter luggage capacity; the rear seats can also be folded to further increase the cargo space available. It enabling particularly large or long items of luggage to be loaded. In addition, there are storage solutions located throughout the cabin, resulting in a highly convenient interior space.

Toyota Raize a compact SUV

Toyota Launches the New "Raize" in Japan

As for driving performance, the Toyota Raize’s newly developed light-weight, highly rigid body, and suspension contribute to outstanding handling stability. By combining a 1.0-liter turbo engine with D-CVT used in a Toyota Car for the 1st time the Toyota Raize car achieves the torque and driving joy of a 1.5-liter engine, as well as outstanding fuel efficiency. D-CVT adds split gears to existing CVT (continuously variable transmission) belt drives and uses both belt and gear drives at high speeds for improved transmission efficiency.

The gear-ratio range has also expanded to provide powerful and smooth acceleration at low speeds and fuel-efficient and quiet performance at high speeds. The Toyota Raize comes equipped with the latest Smart Assist safety features (SASF), including the Crash Avoidance Braking Function, which is capable of detecting both vehicles and pedestrians, and the Erroneous Start Prevention Function with braking control.

Vehicle Outline

Combining the powerful style of an SUV with the form factor of a small passenger car

A design based on the concepts of “Powerful!” “New!” and “Active Style”

Toyota Raize Exterior Design:

  1. The Toyota Raize is 3,995 millimetres long and 1,695 millimetres wide. Despite its compact size, this compact car achieves the dignified. And robust appearance typical of SUVs thanks to its large 17-inch tires and protruding fenders.
  2. This Toyota Raize car’s angular bumper corners and trapezoid lower grille create a powerful and wide frontal appearance. Sequential turn lights that appear to flow from the inside-outside of the Raize hint at the car’s advanced technologies.
Toyota Launches the New "Raize" in Japan

3. A total of 8 body colours are available, including the newly developed Turquoise Blue Mica Metallic. The Raize is available in 2-tone combinations of 3 body colours, providing customers with a wide choice of colour schemes.


Toyota Raize Interior Design

  1. The Toyota Raize’s instrument panel design to ensure an outstanding field of view from the driver’s seat; the operational elements of the instrument panel face the driver’s side, while the gear lever is in the right position so that it can be easily operated by a simple extension of the left-hand drive. In this way, the car realizes a driving space that allows the driver to concentrate fully on the road.
  2. On the front seats, the angles of the side-support sections have been raised, while the backrest and side pads design is differing levels of firmness. This new seat shape improves the feeling of support for occupants.
  3. The Toyota Raize car also features plating and red accents in various locations to create a sense of luxury and playfulness.

4. The LED digital speedometer and 7-inch TFT colour LCD display are seamlessly co-ordinating, appearing to create a single screen with a cutting-edge feel. The customer can choose between 4 display styles: Advanced, Exciting, Simple, and Analog.


Class-leading luggage capacity and interior space, and numerous convenient storage solutions of Toyota Raize

Luggage compartment and interior space

  1. The Toyota Raize’s compact body contains a spacious luggage compartment 1,000 millimeters in width. 865 millimeters in height, and 755 millimeters in length, with a movable deck board for improved convenience. When the deck board is in a low position, the car boasts class-leading luggage capacity for a compact SUV of 369 liters; when the deck board is in the high position. So, the rear seats can collapse forward to create a long, flat space capable of storing long items of luggage. The deck board can also remove to load houseplants and other tall items, and so caters to a wide variety of customer needs.
  2. The distance between the front and rear seats is a generous 900 millimeters, providing plenty of space for comfortable rear-seat riding experience.

A variety of convenient storage solutions

Further, Toyota launches the New “Raize” in Japan and Convenient storage solutions are located throughout the cabin, resulting in a practical interior space.


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