The Toyota Mark II JDM Car is a compact medium-sized sedan manufactured and sold by Toyota in Japan from 1968 to 2004. In October 1992, a restyled Mark II called the X90 series was released. During redesigning Toyota Mark II  received a new front bumper , rear bumpers and tail lights and some weight mainly due to regulations.

On the Mark II X90, the front suspension has been updated – now it is a double wishbone design. The time-tested multi-link rear design remained unchanged. Generally Chassis is sufficiently strong and durable.

There are 2 Different Versions of The MARK II:

Exterior Features:

There was some weight for the new front bumpers (including the grille), rear bumpers and taillights, and mainly due to regulations.  According to Japanese outside dimensions regulations, this series was no longer considered a “compact car”.

The styling of this generation has shown a corporate resemblance to the Toyota Windom dedicated to the Toyota Corolla store. The Mark II sedan (and X70 cars and vans) was expected to sell about 14,000 units a month, while the sister models Cresta and Chaser were expected to sell 7,000 and 6,000 units a month, respectively.

Interior Features:

The X90 series was available in 6 different trim levels. All trims were equipped as standard with a fully automatic air conditioning system and interior trim made of imitation wood. The interior comes with several graceful and detailed finishing touches. There are high-quality seats, a complete range of comfort features, a smooth instrument panel, and the controls are carefully designed for the best possible feel.

Safety and environmental features for driver peace of mind ABS, with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution), and a brake assist function are provided standard on all models.

Engine Specifications:

The Grande was available with either a 2.0 liter 1GFE or a 2.5 liter 1JZGE and either a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual for the Mark II Grandes equipped with 1G. The Grande was otherwise the same as the Gloire in terms of options and equipment. The Grande G could be used with either the 1JZ or 3.0-liter 2JZGE mentioned above in combination with an automatic transmission and was equipped with ABS and traction control as standard equipment. 

The Tourer S had a 1JZGE engine, a 4-speed automatic, and some options that weren’t in the standard (ABS, Control, etc.) or Grande or Grande G. Finally, the Tourer V was equipped with an enhanced body, sports suspension, and a twin-turbo 280 hp (209 kW) 2.5-liter 1JZGTE in-line 6-cylinder engine. It also shipped from the factory with traction control, ABS, optional Torsen LSD, and optional 5-speed manual.

Models in Toyota Mark ll X90 JDM Car:

Year From Year To Chassis

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