Toyota Noah v/s Nissan Serena

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In this article, a comparison has been made between the two famous Japan used cars namely Toyota Noah v/s Nissan Serena. Certainly, the Japanese automobile industry has become one of the world’s leading and prominent industries in the world. Japanese automobiles have captured major market share by acquiring the third position in the automobile industry.


Toyota Noah:-

Toyota Noah consists of two rear sliding doors with a seating capacity of 7-8 people. It was sold in many Asian countries. Noah was launched in three separate generations. The first generation of Toyota Noah was launched in November 2001 but it was discontinued in June 2007. Later it was further modified by Toyota and was again launched in June 2007.

Toyota Noah v/s Nissan Serena

The second-generation again discontinued in January 2014. After making further modifications, Toyota introduced the third-generation Noah in January 2014. It equipped with an engine start-stop system to improve fuel economy. Along with Noah, Toyota also introduced the improved version of Voxy and Esquire which considered as the luxury version of Noah. Later all these three models received facelift because Toyota made different significant changes.

Nissan Serena:-

Serena is basically a minivan and the manufacturer is the famous Japanese automobile maker, Nissan. Nissan launched Serena in 1991 as a small passenger van initially which later transformed with each decade. For example, Toyota Noah, Nissan’s Serena got development and manufactured into the five-generation phase. Serena also went through several different facelifts to produce an improved product.

Toyota Noah v/s Nissan Serena

Firstly, the first generation came out afterward in 1991 wherein Japan started manufacturing these automobiles. Thus, they imported from different countries. Nissan’s Serena came into two variants namely petrol and diesel.

Secondly, the second generation came out in the month of July 1999 with different versions with a wide variety of engines and colours. Thirdly, Serena in third-generation made a debut in Japan in May 2005 and sold in Japan home markets. Finally, for the three successive years, Serena came out as the best selling minivan in Japan. Later it discontinues in the year of 2010.

So, the fourth generation of Nissan comes out in November 2010 in the Japanese market which equipped with a new gasoline engine. Later, Nissan reveals the fifth generation of Serena on 6th July 2016 which sold in August 2016. Finally, it sold in different countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Quick Comparison:-

Toyota NoahNissan Serena
Engine Performance158hp135hp
Fuel Consumption14.2km/L12.2km/L
Key FeaturesWoodgrain Trim

Leather-Wrapped Steering

Large Cabin Space
Power Equipment

Steering Wheel Control Panel

Keyless Entry
Capacity8 Passengers7-8 Passengers

The interior of Toyota Noah is well designed to give the driver a luxurious feeling whereas the exterior looks slightly different from other car models. Further, Serena has got a smooth and graceful finish of the exterior section. It has got a sporty and attractive look.

Finally, both MPV provide approximately the same features to their owners with slight differences. So, it is totally dependent on the owners that what kind of the features they are looking for.

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