Toyota Passo- A Subcompact Vehicle

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Toyota Passo is also popularly known as Daihatsu Boon. It has been under production since 2004.


It is basically a hatchback and is a production of Daihatsu and Toyota’s collaboration. Its aim is to create a subcompact vehicle that is ideal and best for everyday use. The manufacturers designing the Passo with a body length shorter than Toyota Vitz. It is basically developed keeping in concern the female fraternity. Besides this, if you are looking for a car to have good storage capacity and a low turning radius then Passo is an ideal option.

Popular Used Toyota Passo

Toyota Passo- A Subcompact Vehicle

If you access to Japanese Car Trade, this website features a wide range of used Toyota Passo. The range is more or less is quite affordable through this site. With the lap of years, it has been noticed that such models are in huge demand among visitors and customers. Following are some of the viewed Toyota Passo models from the catalog as below:

  • 2010 Passo (AT)
    Model code: KGC30
  • 2007 Passo (AT)
    Model Code: DBA-KGC10
  • 2011 Toyota Passo (Continuously Variable Transmission)
    Model Code: DBA-KGC30
  • 2008 Toyota Passo (AT)
    Model Code: DBA-QNC10
  • 2008 Toyota Passo (AT)
    Model Code: KGC10

Toyota Passo Fuel Economy

Toyota and Daihatsu try to optimize the fuel economy via tiny displacements. They also with the help of a smaller size of the Passo’s 1.0 and 1.3 liters of the engine. The engine of the car bolsters fuel economy. Moreover, maintenance is also affordable. Besides this, the engine also offers great performance which in turn results in better suspension. Since fuel consumption is lower, the maintenance cost is also lessening.

What to Expect from a Passo

It is having power window design; you may experience a smooth window transition even if there is low force exertion. Apart from it, this power steering provides smooth maneuvering and also provides immense support to tires for smooth running.

In the interior of the Passo, you can have access to excellent features that you can find in a small car. There is an anti-lock braking system that offers reliable slip management. On the corollary, the traction is controlled by a system that is not available in every vehicle. The car is designing is done in such a way of keeping in mind the comfort of people. The indicator meter and navigation systems are simple and clear to understand.

The safety kit is the ultimate key that makes Passo a notch higher than other small cars. It is having smart assistants with safety features. It includes brake-assist function, vehicle and pedestrian avoidance function, lane departure warning, forward and backward false start control system. Having such an efficient system which helps the driver if the car starts to roll forward.

The airbags in the car are able to withstand the event of a collision. The front sided and the curtain-sided bags come out from the car and provide protection and aid. Navigation is even installed on a single screen with the TV. It comes at an affordable price. Once you buy this vehicle, you may certainly notice that it is worth the investment.

This car is immensely popular in most countries. People tend to buy due to its both interior and exterior features. Passo is perfect for the urban lifestyle, so it is good to go.

Import a Passo to your Country!

You can crack the best deal if you buy through Japanese Car Trade. They will help you all the way out and give you the utmost attention.

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