Toyota Premio- Luxury Sedan

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Toyota sedans are still popular because of their ride quality and luxury, but one will feel that the Toyota Premio, which is often shared by car sharing, still had high specifications. After all, the luxury of the interior space of the sedan is different, it is a good point that there is a calm design and there is a luxury. Ride comfort and driving performance are also at a high level, and there are seats that are comfortable and it is also good that you do not get tired even after long driving.


What makes Premio stand out?

Among the sedan types, Premio’s good point is that it is relatively easy to turn. It’s relatively easy to run on narrow roads, as well as on the narrow streets because it’s relatively compact as well as running in the city.


Also, since you do not feel much vibration when driving, you can drive without stress. It’s not very good on fuel economy. One goes to the gas station about 7 times on a monthly basis.

When it comes to fuel economy, Premio doesn’t believe that much. And the back seat is wider than one can be expected, so it’s too narrow and one doesn’t feel cramped. There is no stress when driving as described above, so you can ride longer.

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Interior & Exterior of Toyota Premio

The beautiful and sophisticated exterior design is adopted, and you can enjoy the high-class appearance. The interior is also finely designed one by one, and it enhances comfort.

Toyota Premio- Luxury Sedan

It is also a point that the response of the accelerator and brake is natural, and that it enables intuitive driving operation. Equipped with an engine that feels horsepower even on steep grades, it can continue driving without stress regardless of the environment and conditions.


The width of the front and rear views is also a safety factor for safe driving. It is easy to turn around and parallel parking and back parking can be done smoothly. Surprisingly, the storage space is large, so it can be used for daily shopping and leisure without any problems.


Review of Toyota Premio

Even if it is a four-door sedan and there are four adults in the room, it does not feel cramped. Most people who like sedan type cars will like this Premio, which is a Toyota car. The ride comfort is good and the seats are firm and sink so well that you won’t get tired even if you ride for a long time. One will not complain because One doesn’t feel so bad about fuel economy.

However, the acceleration is weak. Since Premio lacks power, it is an anxious part because it does not accelerate even if you want to accelerate. One will generally like everything else. When viewed from the front, it looks like a luxury sedan. Also, one will like that the trunk can carry a lot of luggage, so it is not inferior to a wagon car.

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