Toyota Ractis vs Nissan Note – hatchback car

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The first generation of both Toyota Ractis vs Nissan Note is the hatchback. They both are competitors and competing for the same type of car shopper. Both cars are equally popular used in Japanese imports. They also share many similarities as well.


They are comparable to each other as they are made by competing companies Toyota and Nissan. Each of them is wealthy in its own way. Let us side by side make comparisons in order to come to a conclusion.

Toyota Ractis vs Nissan Note: Introduction

Toyota Ractis Exterior
Toyota Ractis Exterior

The Toyota Ractis began its production in the year 2005. It replaced Toyota Funcargo that discontinued in the year 2005. The Ractis is bigger in size and even better, more luxurious, and efficient.

The Ractis has more space coverage. It’s all thanks to the high roof and ability to flat fold the backseats. This is to create more cargo space and this all proves to be unbeatable.

Nissan Note Exterior
Nissan Note Exterior

The Nissan note looks like a cross between a hatchback and a small multipurpose van. It was released in the year 2006. The car was in production till 2013 however it was later replaced by the Nissan Invitation. It is an improvement on the Note hatchback.

The first Nissan note was based on the Nissan tone. In the year 2007, there was an update and began targeting the market more holistically. It comes with huge improvements such as the driver’s seat, DVD navigation, door, and seat trim fabric, and many others.

Toyota Ractis vs Nissan Note: Interior

Toyota Ractis Dashboard
Toyota Ractis Interior

The Toyota Ractis is a 5 seater hatchback model. It has only second-row seats, no third-row there. It is quite a comfortable car. This is one of the reasons for its immense popularity. It has a high roof and a big cabin space is an add on for many people who are looking to buy it for business as well as for family use. It has huge leg space and headspace and both are unequaled in the hatchback. In addition to it, it has a lot of cabin storage for mobile phones, books, and other small items.

Nissan Note Dashboard
Nissan Note Interior

The interior body of the Nissan note is very appealing. Though it is not as spacious as the Ractis because of the lower ceiling. It still offers a lot of comforts. It is a 5 seater hatchback. There is immense space for up to five medium-sized adults. If you are looking to buy a family car, you will be happy to know that it can accommodate the seat of a child very easily without any hustle. This is due to the wide-opening doors which provide a lot of legroom at the back.

Toyota Ractis vs Nissan Note: Engine and Fuel Efficiency

Toyota Ractis Engine
Toyota Ractis Engine

On average, the previous models of Toyota Ractis are available in two engine types: 1.3-liter 2SZ engines, and the 1.5 liters 1 NZ engine. The latter one is available for the four-wheeler drive options and the former for the two-wheeler drive options. The two-wheeler drive is one of the most popular and is a front-wheel drive.

Nissan Note Engine
Nissan Note Engine

Nissan Motors offers just 3 engines with the Nissan Note, 2 petrol engines, and a single 1.5-liter diesel that’s shared with many other models in the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The entry-level 79bhp 1.2-liter is a 3-cylinder unit that performs well enough, with a reasonably torquey nature and smooth, free-revving manners.

Toyota Ractis vs Nissan Note: Which is best?

If the fuel efficiency is concerned, then the 1300 cc Ractis is the better choice. For the point of budget Nissan’s note is cheaper than the Ractis. Toyota’s price can reach high as people have a perception that it has resale value. But you are not buying a car to sell instead you are buying to use it.

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