Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Rush

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Toyota is a multinational brand that is serving its customers for various years and providing them complete satisfaction. This brand always works towards surprising its customers by offering them completely new models with various different features. The same is with the Toyota RAV4 vs Toyota Rush.


Both are completely different models, which the experienced designers of the multinational company have designed. The two of them had won the heart of its users and attracts new customers towards itself by flaunting its design. Here is the detailed information regarding both the models.

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Toyota RAV4

The abbreviation RAV4 is used for “Recreational Activity Vehicle:4- wheel drive”. This is the very first compact crossover SUV which Toyota has designed and manufactured. Its purpose was to fulfill the demands of those users who wanted most of the services and features available in SUVs.


This includes high cargo space, greater visuality, and fuel efficiency. This model has been redesigned and features added to it are now more powerful. After redesigning it contains more powerful engines, more safety features, and advanced styling. RAV4 has plenty of space inside for people as well as cargo.


It has advanced safety measures for the driver as well. There is an installed automatic brake which one can apply at the time of emergency. In its redesigned model, the manufacture has also installed an auto smartphone integration.


Toyota Rush

Toyota Rush is a cross over a car that is basically multi-purpose. It is a model which is similar to an SUV which only runs on petrol and gets its power from a 1.5-liter engine. It comes in 5 seaters and 7 seaters and is a model that will compete with models of cars like Hyundai Creta, Honda BR-V, etc.


Toyota Rush is a great stepping stone towards owning SUV. It is equipped with two air conditioners, eight speakers, and thirteen cup holders.


In addition, it provides extra aid to the driver by adding on to the features on making the drive convenient. To summarize, it is a package of comfortable seats and advanced features.


Comparison Between Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Rush

Toyota Rush has a 2.5 liter4 cylinder gasoline engine which yields 203 horsepower. Whereas Toyota RAV4is a 1.5-liter petrol engine which yields 104 horsepower and its peak torque is 136 Nm. The RAV4 model even has a ground clearance of 220mm. Toyota Rush has a dimension of 4435 mm x 1695 mm x 1705 mm (L X W X H).

It is divided into 3 rows and can easily fit seven adults in it. On the other hand, Toyota RAV4 has a dimension of 4570 mm x 1845 mm x 1670 mm (L X W X H). It has a bigger boot space and contains 2 rows which mean that fewer people can fit in this car when compared to Toyota Rush.

If one needs more space for people and cargo then they must opt for Toyota Rush and a man with a small family can easily go with the model of Toyota RAV4.

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