Toyota Sienta: The Car of Your Choice

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Toyota Sienta was launched by Toyota in the year 2003 in Japan. It is a seven-seater car which is a classic bonnet minivan with an incorporated vertical interior architecture.


The fantastic thing about this car is that you can separate the third and the second-row seats. It is an essential feature when it comes to varying the spaces for passengers and luggage. There are also wide sliding doors at the back, which provides easy entry into the second and third-row seats.

Toyota Sienta has gathered some reputation in the automobile market as one of the most compact yet spacious minivans for families with three rows of seats. Another cool feature about this car is that it has a very interesting headlight, which makes it even classier.

Comfort and Spaciousness in Toyota Sienta

Toyota Sienta is famous for its space and comfort it provides to its passengers. The legroom between the second and third rows is more than enough to fit large passengers comfortably.


The high second-row seats can climb as well as slide along the longitudinal axis. You can also create extra space for the cargo or additional luggage by folding back the third-row seats. There are several customizations that can be mounted onto the car door.

Toyota Sienta: The Car of Your Choice

A smart lock system, for example, is one of these, which allows you to open and close the doors of your car without having to pull the key. The rear sliding doors are also exceptionally functional as it allows for additional space as well as more accessible entry to the third and second rows. The makes an arch to allow passengers to keep equal space on the left as well as the right side.

The Upgraded Model

One of the best features of Toyota cars is that they are regularly updated. This helps them in keeping up the pace with the competitive market. The Toyota Sienta had an upgrade in 2019. This upgrade added so many brilliant and updated features.


Which are strikingly similar, and at the same time upgraded from the initial 2003 version. The car was previously available in three colors only. After the upgrade in 2019, it is now also available in the fourth color as well. The fourth color is a Citrus Mica Metallic.


The front end of the car now features an updated bumper and grills. Other than that two-dimensional LED lights as flashlights giving it a classy and stylish feel. The interior of the car, on the other hand, has black upholstery with orange stitch-work. It also contains improved new door panels.

The Car Doors

The Sienta is equipped with smart entry and sliding doors on either side of the car. You can also open and close the doors with the help of a remote console inside the car itself. It has a 6.8-inch touch screen along with navigation. Other functions are online music streaming components, making it a ride of the future.

With all the latest features & comforts, this should be your first choice car this year. Enjoy this upgraded and classic car now for the best experience on the road.

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