toyota starlet

The Toyota Starlet JDM Car is a subcompact car produced by Toyota from 1973 to 1999 that replaces the Publica but retains the Publica “P” code and generation number. The first-generation Starlet was sold as a Publica Starlet in select markets. In Japan, it was exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store dealers. 


There are 2 Different Versions of The Starlet:

Exterior Features:

This is the first subcompact car from the Japanese automaker to offer a high-performance option. Released as the 3rd generation of the Turbo S 1986–1989. (EP71), GT Turbo 1990–1995 (EP82) and Glanza V 1996–1999 (EP91). Launched in 1996, the Starlet 90 series retained the same 3-door or 5-door hatchback idea. The distinctive design is the beveled belt line on the front door.

Engine Specifications:

The Japanese version is divided into three models:

 Reflet (normal), 

Glanza (sporty), and 

Carat (advanced). 

The Reflet (Base, f and x), Carat and Glanza S were equipped with 4EFE engines. The base model was also supplied with a 1N diesel engine. Based on the 5-door Reflet, the Starlet Remix has a solid SUV style. There are fenders, body cladding, roof rails and rear mounted spare tires. 

The Starlet EP91 JDM Car arrived in Europe in the second quarter of 1996. Basically all European models were 1.3 XLi with a 75 hp version of the 4EFE engine. (55 kW), sold under a different name in Europe.

Interiors Features:

Interiors of Toyota Starlet JDM Car includes Airbag, tachometer, front power windows, rear headrests, and coloured bumpers. It is a subcompact car with a three or five door hatchback. Interiors can increase the storage space because they are back folded using low front sheets.



Models in Toyota Starlet P91 JDM Car:

Year From Year To Chassis

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