Toyota Tank vs Toyota Roomy – Two minivans

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Toyota Tank vs Toyota Roomy: Two minivans, from the same company, i.e., Tank and Roomy are the topics on which we will discuss. When you talk about a company and identify its positive aspects, it looks normal. But, when you compete for two of its models in terms of superiority, this looks a bit interesting. The company has put many common features in both these units. Still, there are some aspects to which people can judge them. Let’s have a look at some of their common features first.


Toyota Tank vs Toyota Roomy – Exterior

Toyota Tank Front Exterior
Toyota Tank Back Exterior

The manufacturer of both these units is Daihatsu. But they are sold by two other companies as well. Toyota along with Subaru also sells these five-seat mini-vans. Since November 2016, the production of these mini-vans has taken place.

Toyota Roomy Front Exterior
Toyota Roomy Back Exterior

Both of them are based on the “1LD-CAR concept. With its help, there comes a good combination of spacious interior and sufficient driving performance. So that it looks suitable for families having children or customers. A driver can enjoy stress-free acceleration performance on highways with lower consumption of fuel.

Toyota Tank vs Toyota Roomy – Specifications

The length stands as 145.66 inches and the height of these minivans is 68.30 inches. The width given as 65.74 inches. The configuration of an engine is 3-cylinder 1.0 KR-FE in-line DOHC VVT-i having a capacity of 996 ccs. A total of two engine options are available. The power can go up to 69 bhp and it can produce a torque of 92 Nm. The curb weight is around 1050 kg with a fuel tank capacity of nearly 36 L.

Toyota Tank vs Toyota Roomy – Interior

Toyota Tank Dashboard
Tank Dashboard
Toyota Tank Interior
Toyota Tank Interior

The interior has been made spacious to entertain the passengers. Toyota company has maintained a maximum distance of 1.10 meters between the front and rear passengers.

The company has done some seat arrangements so more space could be managed. Firstly, the utilization of walkthrough seats permits the vehicle occupants to move between both front and rear seats smoothly.

Toyota Roomy Dashboard
Roomy Dashboard
Toyota Roomy Interior
Toyota Roomy Interior

Secondly, the rear seats may be slid forward by 9.44 inches. In their front-most positions, a permit is achieved to carry-on four suitcases in the cargo space along with five members. Some other benefits have also been given regarding space adjustment in the interior side. Talking about some other conveniences inside, there is a 5-liter removable center trash bin and a rotating cup holder. There is also 4.2 inches of multi-information display for reminders of warning and maintenance.

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Toyota Tank vs Toyota Roomy – Highlights

There is a presence of a Smart Assist II collision avoidance assist system that furnished with five functions. Also, you will see the availability of custom-grade with plated ornaments and exclusive bumpers with four offered designs. Some series of good colors are available in these segments.

Toyota Tank vs Toyota Roomy – Interesting Features

Toyota Tank Side Door
Toyota Tank Side Door

If we talk about the maneuverability of these mini-vans, they can achieve a minimum turning radius of 4.6 m. Also, you’ll get to see a keyless entry in these minivans. There is the availability of power sliding rear doors, easy low entrance, front seat walkthrough, and hill start assist.

Toyota Roomy Side Door
Toyota Roomy Side Door

The company has also managed to provide electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) with Brake Assist and ABS. Both models will also assist to deliver a quiet drive. Some other things include wide and low back door opening, retractable rear door sunshade, and large assist grip on-off.

The Real Difference

Toyota Tank
Toyota Tank

Toyota Tank vs Toyota Roomy: Talking about Toyota Roomy first, it is based on expressing the looks of dignity and vividness. On the other side, the Toyota Tank made to express the aggressiveness and vitality of a minivan. The majority of the features and qualities are the same in both these models. But, one major difference can be seen in their looks, especially from the exterior side. Since the interior has also been made nearly the same.

Toyota Roomy
Toyota Roomy

That’s why, if you want to purchase a mini-van, both Tank and Roomy are a good option. You can identify their powerful presence with a fact that they are manufactured by a different company. And, presently, they’re going on a sale for a different company. Additionally, one more known automobile company sells this unit from its side. That’s why make a good choice and enjoy the taste of drive between these two models.

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