Toyota Vitz- the leading car

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Most car manufacturing companies have experienced significant growth in Japan, including Toyota. Thus the automotive industry is flourishing in Japan. In the year 1999, Toyota launches Vitz in the market.


The short and tall body style of this car made it unique in the competition. The recent edition was launched in October 2010. It contains a 1.5-liter VVT-I engine and other advanced parts. It shows the highest level of fuel efficiency, absorbing 1 liter for 26.5 km.

What is Toyota Vitz?

Available in 3 and 5 door feature, Toyota Vitz falls under the category of a subcompact car. The product is made somewhat angular in shape. It is a lightweight car of weight 1000kg.

Suzuki Swift is the leading competitor of Vitz, providing almost similar features. Jewela, F Package, FL Package, and U Package are some of the variations in which Vitz is available in the stores.

Review of Toyota Vitz

The resale value of the car is greater as compare to others. Most of the buyers have select this car after watching its durability, reliability, and low fuel consumption. Electronic power steering is another dynamic feature of automobile engineering. The boot space makes it easier to pack the luggage.

Smooth running in the cityscape is ensuring to be a ground clearance of 5.5 inches. Front fog light and power door lock system is available in all the models. The front fog light and bumper comes in a single piece. Car brakes are of good quality. Hence, there is no noise when applied suddenly.

The air-conditioning system is mechanized` with good amount f ducts and vents for rapid cooling. A proper leg-space is available in the car. so that all the people can get enough comfort while seating.

Sometimes situations arise when the car needs to support more than four passengers. The spring system is adjusted properly. This helps to minimize the jerking. The air-conditioning system contains a spit hole and a switch.

This process helps to eliminate pollens. 4-speed Super ECT and 5-speed Manual Transmission are the types of classifications provided. The capacity of the engine is 996cc- 1797cc, and the maximum power consumption is 69ps-212ps. 

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Interior of Toyota Vitz


To accommodate four passengers comfortably inside the car, Vitz has a wheelbase of 2370mm with a dimension of 3610*1660*1500mm. The instrument panel contains a meter for display. This provides a clear vision.


And lacks the look of a traditional Japanese car. The climate control buttons are in a vertical position and a propagator gear stalk. Both the front seat have a special class pad with them.


Pads protect the eyes from the sunray. on the other hand, the one at the driver’s seat contains a fit mirror as well. This mirror helps the female driver. The storage capacity of the car is sufficiently high.

 As a whole, Toyota Vitz is making profitable business since its first launch. Further, the lavish interior design and ergonomic external appearance are getting advance day by day. Even though other companies are trying level best.

To give high-quality features within affordable prices. But somehow Vitz is leading the crowd with all exceptional services. So, customers may compromise with the price if features are appreciable. But Vitz is taking the competition to the next level.

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