Toyota Yaris vs Corolla

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Toyota Yaris vs Corolla – How would they stack up? What are the differences?


Since 1967, Toyota Corolla has been running successfully within the automobile market. Holding a reliable, well-built, and good value, this car has improved significantly within the last 50 years. On the contrary, Toyota Yaris (some may call it Toyota Vitz) has earned a decent name among different age groups, like youngsters, old parents, and even those people, who don’t drive often. What’s more, with nothing unexpected, this vehicle has discovered its place in 220,000 homes roughly.

Toyota Corolla – a reliable car


Do you have a sibling that seems to urge all the attention? Want you’re playing second fiddle to a superstar? Want one chance to prove you’ll be able to do everything they will do and more?


Well, within the past I reckon that’s just how the Corolla sedan felt about the way more-popular Corolla hatchback.


But now the new-gen Corolla sedan is here, and it arrives having the ability to try and do things its hatchback brother can’t. Could this be the instant for the sedan to shine? Read on to seek out.

Toyota Yaris – a decent name


Whenever anyone asks a couple of car for a teen, or their aunt who doesn’t really drive much, or an older parent, what’s the primary brand that’s invariably brought up?


The Yaris has served due to the brand’s littlest traveler contestant since 2005, and more than 220,000 have discovered new homes by then.

Toyota has just updated the local range – comprising the entry-level Ascent, the mid-grade SX, and therefore the top-shelf ZR – and it’s now only available as a five-door hatch after the four-entryway car was erased from the line-up.


It’s fair to mention that it’s motoring at its most elementary, but does it represent good value for money?


Toyota Yaris vs Corolla: Which is that the Better Choice?

Now, with none further ado, let’s compare Toyota Yaris vs Toyota Corolla, and find the most effective hatchback model.

Interior & Exterior Design

Commencing with the outside, one can easily distinguish between the Yaris and Corolla models. this is often because the Corolla car looks more substantial and offers a 4-door feature while the Yaris is on the market as a 3 or five-door hatchback. However, both the cars manufactured after 2015 offer an identical front-end design.

Shifting towards the inside, the Corolla and Yaris offer an almost same interior look. But, the difference lies within the quality of the fabric won’t design the inside of both cars. With Corolla giving upscale inside, the payload space is moreover more in it than its rival Yaris.

Engine Transmission and Performance

Here, also the Corolla is more impregnable than its hatchback cousin-Yaris. To draw vehicle examination of Yaris versus Corolla bolstered pull, motor limits, and other mechanical highlights, elude the table underneath:

FeaturesToyota CorollaToyota Yaris
Fuel Tank Capacity13.2 gal11.1 gal
Engine Displacement1.8L/1101.5L/91
Fuel Mileage (highway)36mpg36mpg
Fuel Mileage (city)28mpg30mpg


Given the fundamental difference between the planning and engine of Toyota Yaris vs Corolla, the latter hatchback has more equipment than the previous one. For instance, Corolla gives warmed seats, 17-inches wheels, an industrial facility route framework, paddle shifters, and a game driving mode.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Yaris has nothing to supply. With 16-inch wheels, the car Yaris includes a 6.1-inch touch screen, a piece of electronic equipment with Bluetooth, and a voice recognition system.

Safety Features

Covering all the quality safety features, the Corolla and Yaris provide anti-lock brakes, traction control, and side-curtain airbags. However, if you’re trying to find a camera, it’s only available with Corolla hatchback.

By and large, the Corolla has scored 5-star appraisals, by and large, the previously mentioned classes while the Yaris has earned 4-star. However, supported price, the battle – Yaris vs Corolla, is won by the Toyota Yaris. So, if you aren’t able to afford Corolla, Yaris continues to be an efficient and competent choice to choose.

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