Types of Modern Day Car Thieves

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There are types of modern-day Car thieves and is not a new concept to hear. As time is running the theft is also growing. Nowadays care is exotic, expensive, and smart so they don’t lose any opportunity. We cannot deny the fact that we are now becoming so careless that we are giving opportunities for car theft.


Some types of modern day car thieves are as under

Rob and Bump


They are the oldest and primeval thieves. Most of the time jump into the car most probably from the rear.  The moment when we look out to see the damage, they steal the car. They don’t even miss out on the valuables. Even though there is a huge traffic jam, they don’t let it affect them. Instead, they find it as an opportunity. The best way out does not leave the key inside and lock the car before coming out to look for the damages.

Adventurous Riders

Types of Modern Day Car Thieves

It is one of the types of modern-day car thieves. They cannot be considered as typical thieves however they theft just for the sake of fun or adventure. They will completely enjoy by using some one’s car and might return the same. But the condition of the car can be a matter of question. If they choose to drive luxurious or exotic cars they might damage the car parts which can cost you a huge amount of money. But this can be avoided if we are vigilant enough and concerned with security.

White-Collar thieves


They are masters in theft and are very well- versed with the trick and can dupe anyone very easily without that person knowing the fact. White-collar thieves are comfortable with any type of car be it exotic or less expensive, even scrap also. Such thieves are well trained and have very good connections with other criminals who then use these cars for other heinous acts.



It means a person who gets unauthorized access to data which is extremely confidential. It is also called as internet fraud. They prefer electric cars and in the coming years, these cars are going to be maximum taking into consideration the digital factor at which the country is revolving.

Car Hacks can be prevented in the following ways

  1. Before leaving the vehicle, even for a while just check the lock of the car twice to be sure.
  2. When parking the car in a crowded place, make sure it is locked.
  3. Don’t be so casual when it comes to the working of a key fob. Sometimes we are mistaken with the noise and we associate with the vehicle locking. Reprogram your keyfob to avoid leaving your vehicle unlocked.

It is important to be cautious and safe and never give them such an opportunity for such crimes. It is better to check the handles of the car than to wait for the incident to happen and move towards claiming insurance and running out back and forth troubling ourselves unnecessarily. We cannot stop them to do such acts but we can try to leave no stone unturned to steal our car.

It is always been good to be very proactive when it comes to checking your vehicle safety and there is no wrong using hand brake or wheel locks and make it not a target for them as thieves only for the opportunity to dupe.

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