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Unfamiliar Sounds That Signal Car Problems

Unfamiliar Sounds That Signal Car Problems

It’s always your car running smooth and easy. Sometimes, the car may also trigger some unfamiliar sounds that signal some problems in the car. The unfamiliar sound may not always turn out to be harmful but it can let you pay a few bucks in maintenance. It is indeed a clear signal that a car needs a check-up. We can easily get to identify between a singular event and a recurring car problem.

Unfamiliar Sounds can be as follows


When a car makes a hissing sound, there can be a possibility of leakage either in your cooling system or oil leak. If the noise is concerned, there is no difference between the two. In such a case, it is better to refer to a mechanic. If we ignore the noise it can lead to a steering issue and even cause of overheating engine.

Engine knocking and shrieking

There is rubber in the serpentine belt that needs replacement. Whenever there is a shrieking or knocking voice, there is a probability of an issue. It is advisable to get it done to avoid any kind of bread down especially when you are on the road.

Rattling and hammering

When the pipe is loose or when the brake pads are loose can make rattling and hammering noise. Any such noise is not good for your car in any aspect. Hammering can lead to multiple problems. It can even lead to loose screws and create problems in such an area which is hard to reach. In such a case, it is better to see a mechanic as soon as possible.


It is such a situation where you feel a small explosion or gunshot. This is not a major problem though. But a reference to the mechanic is a must. This may be due to the air mixture to get heated up or something wrong with the catalytic converter. One should never miss the warning signs.

Squealing or screeching when you brake

Sometimes we hear a squealing noise which indicates the replacement of brake pads. Installing new brake pads and replacing brake rotors will help not causing further damage to the vehicle.

Cars are designed in such a way that they emit certain sounds at the acceleration, brake, and turns. These noises are easily recognizable. These are the universal noises that cars tend to make. If you start hearing any kind of noise, it’s a good idea to refer a mechanic and get out of this noise. Unfamiliar sounds that signal some problems in the car.

It may cost you some bucks but as far as long term is concerned, it can give you the best results. Car is an asset that everyone has to cherish. One must read the manufacturer’s manual and take good care of your vehicle. if you take good care of your vehicle you can prevent accidents that might affect the car as well. We must do regular check-ups of the car to avoid any long term problems. We must not ignore strange noises coming out of the car if the car is still running smoothly.

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