Used Fire Engines & Fire Fighting Truck From Japan

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Japanese Fire Fighting Truck usually built on Japanese Manufacturer cab-chassis and ranges in size from Kei Mini Fire Trucks to Full-Size Fire Appliances.


Moreover, they’re internationally famous for their build quality, fit-out, maintenance, and condition. Thus, they’re usually service regularly and often have very low kilometers for age.

These Fire vehicles are a type of truck that was produced primarily for fire-fighting operations, Fire Truck is also known as a fire apparatus, fire truck, or fire appliance.

Many fire departments and fire services providers often employ fire fighting trucks for various other uses likewise including emergency medical services and rescue purposes.

Main purposes to transport firefighters to an accident scene, another, providing water with which to fight a fire, and carrying other equipment needed by firefighters. Hence, specialized apparatus is used to provide hazardous materials mitigation and technical rescue. Furthermore, a typical modern fire fighting truck will carry tools and equipment for a wide range of firefighting tasks. This also includes common equipment including a pump, a water tank, hoses, ground ladders, hand tools, self-contained breathing apparatuses, basic life support equipment, and first aid kits.

So, the Fire Truck Engines and Fire Trucks are available from Wholesale Auctions, Internet Auctions. Also, directly from End Users throughout Japan.

Fire Fighting Truck Makers:

Used Fire Engines & Trucks From JapanHino Fire Fighting Truck
Mitsubishi Fire Fighting TrucksHino Fire Fighting Trucks
Nissan red TrucksIsuzu Fire fighting vehicle
Nissan Fire Fighting Trucks Isuzu Fire Fighting Trucks

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