Volkswagen Touareg vs Audi Q5

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Volkswagen Touareg vs Audi Q5: The SUV Battle


Since Volkswagen and Audi are the 2 popular hatchbacks of the Volkswagen group, this accounts for the issue to pick the simplest between them. In any case, for the top-notch highlights and models, there are two fantastic models of those hatchbacks, Volkswagen Touareg and Audi Q5.

Offering unmatchable performance, a good range of features, and versatile interior, let’s take a glance at Volkswagen Touareg vs Audi Q5 comparisons, to seek out the simplest one suiting the wants of a person.



With Touareg offering a more refined and develop appearance than the Q5 model, one can observe that inside likewise; it’s more space inside the Touareg vehicle.

Volkswagen Touareg


Going to the outside measurements, Volkswagen Touareg is higher everything considered the angles contrasted and the Audi Q5; be its length, width, tallness, or wheelbase.


However, in terms of ground clearance, they both offer equal height from the bottom.

Audi Q5


To know the precise difference in Touareg Vs Q5, you’ll need to see the table below:

CategoryVolkswagen TouaregAudi Q5
Ground Clearance:7.90in7.90in
Front Track:65.00in63.70in

Space and Storage

The Touareg and Q5 little doubt have many same features but when it involves space, the Touareg is best than the Q5. Providing more room for legroom, the Touareg also leads in cargo space behind the rear seats. In other words, for a snug ride and versatile space, it’s better to travel for the Volkswagen Touareg. The below table will help you to understand the difference better:

Cargo VolumeVolkswagen TouaregAudi Q5
Seat 164ft57.3ft
Seat 232.1ft29.1ft
Seat 332.1ft29.1ft


Volkswagen Touareg Interior

The interior of both cars is extremely comfortable and spacious with five seats that have a capacity of accommodating five people.

Audi Q5 Interior

Within the Audi Q5 incorporates Cowhide Upholstery and Force Windows and the inside of the Touareg incorporates Calfskin Upholstery, Force Windows, and Wood Grain Trim.

Fuel Consumption

The fuel utilization of Audi Q5 is 7.5L  per 100 KM with the fuel tank limit of 75L while; the fuel utilization of Volkswagen Touareg is 13.8L per 100 KM with the fuel tank limit of 100L joined.

Weight and Dimensions

The total curb weight of the Audi Q5 is 1795 kg and also the total weight of the Volkswagen Touareg is 2250. the peak of the Audi Q5 is 1663mm with a length of 4629mm, a width of 1898mm, and ground clearance of 205mm. Whereas Volkswagen Touareg dimensions are a peak of 1726mm, length of 4754mm, the width of 1928mm, and also the ground clearance of the car are 235mm.


The fact that the Audi got tested by the ECU New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP), while the opposite contender didn’t, puts it sky-high safety-wise, in my eyes a minimum of. Still, but the official crash test results, there are other things we want to bear in mind of. The two vehicles have a place with the SUV fragment, which is typically a great thing security astute, still, it doesn’t assist us with illuminating our situation, isn’t that right?  Furthermore, if we’d prefer to consider vehicle mass during this context too, which we definitely should, Touareg offers a substantial difference of 11% more metal.


Producers are building their unwavering quality notoriety for a long time now and, as a rule, Volkswagen has a little preferred position, all the models watched together. These are the results of independent research, while our visitors describe the reliability of Volkswagen, in addition to Audi, with an identical average rating of 4.2 out of 5.

The identical official information places Touareg 50% below average and Q5 is more or less at the identical level. We must always definitely mention that owners of cars with identical powertrain as these two vehicles rank it on the average as 5.0 out of 5.

Engine and Other Important Details

Considering the exhibition of the Volkswagen Touareg Versus Audi Q5, it will be derived that the all Touareg’s trims include a V6 motor while the base model of the Q5 features a 4-cylinder engine. However, for the V6 engine, one can explore the upper trims of the Audi Q5.

Shockingly, none of the accessible Audi Q5 motors, in any case, lets out torque sufficient Volkswagen Touareg’s motor. Thanks to the next power, the Touareg even has more loading capacity than the Q5’s version. For more, see the table below:

FeaturesVolkswagen TouaregAudi Q5
Engine3.6 liter, V62.0 liter, V4
Horsepower280 hp220 hp
Towing Capacity7716lbs4400lbs

The Verdict

During car comparison with other luxurious SUV relations, the Touareg car is low-priced and classier from a mainstream brand. On the opposite hand, the Audi Q5 offers a good place in its class, guarantying to suit the taste of virtually all ages group.

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