What are HID Xenon lights?

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HID Xenon lights: Automotive halogen car lights are much cheaper fit but suffer on the performance of brightness and the beam divergent in shape. Comparatively, the HID Xenon lights are the brightest, so bright that it is known to blind the opposite car driver. They also heat much less. The latest of the types the LED lights are brighter than Halogen but less than that of the HID. However, they more than make up for this by having the directional quality.


Halogen lights story

Halogen being the older brother its technology consisting of a tungsten filament heated between the electric arc. Compacted in a glass bulb. On heating, it gives a very bright light. 

With a lag in the process of heating, the light also emanated much heat. Though the available marketed lights satay within the 4200 k heating limit. But some versions could be borderline though. The energy efficiency thus staying highly questionable.

The LED lights yarn

The second, a more white bright cooler younger brother LED comes next in the automotive lighting family. Based on the light-emitting diode technology its micro chip-based claiming to be 90% more energy efficient. Whiter than halogen heating it is of the cleaner and non-emission creating type.

All about HID Xenon

HID is now an improved version of the earlier tungsten technology. In fact a new genre of lighting lamp. High-intensity discharge lamps are electrical gas discharge lamps. Producing light by cross electrode discharge transfer. And when they do it in an inert Xenon gas container it becomes the HID Xenon lamps. Housed in a translucent or transparent tube. 

Significantly brighter, their lighting performance is better than even LED lights. Though they might not last as long as LED lights, their longevity is 5 times that of Halogen lights to about 10,000 hours. 

The Road legality of all

A last parting discussion concern of this lighting maze puzzle solving would be the road legality of the lighting type. Any light below the 4200k emission Rubicon stays legal. For LED this is cool, but for Halogen, it’s borderline. And for HID it stays legal in the OEM fitted variety, even with the blue coating ones as with Audi, BMW, Mercedes whose lights give a fine blueish tint. 

But in the select cases of the market fitted HID kit it might just not be road legal. So beware and stay careful in your choice.

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