What Happens to a Car after Five Months with No Use?

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In this article, we will read about “what happens to a car after five months with no use?”. There are so many options with respect to transportations available. It can be tempting as well to let the little machine sit at home and save on gas, there are maintenance and other operating costs. If you left your car remain unused. We need to understand that your vehicle still requires some kind of upkeep.


As and when the day passes or weeks or months, you may realize your car is unable to start or maybe won’t. There is a misalignment of wheels, thick and noxious gas coming out of the exhaust, and so on. There is a list of some issues you can face when you rarely drive your car.

Dead Battery

As and when you turn on the engine, the car battery gets charged as and when you turn on the engine. If there is no engine, the battery starts losing its charge. A vehicle that left remains unused for a couple of weeks can ruin a battery.

Once the battery is dead, you are unable to start the car. If you continue to keep your car in storage, make sure to disconnect the terminals. It is important to note that remove the negative terminal first for the purpose of your own safety.

Deteriorated Tires

The wheels play a pivotal role and carry the full weight of the car. If the tires of the car are in a stationary position, there is a possibility of tires becoming deflated, flat, rotten, or warped.

Moreover, it is not safe to drive the car on such tires that remain in the garage for too long. There is a possibility of the development of bubbles which is often not visible. They can even lead to dangerous tire bursts on the road especially when the weather is hot.

Moisture can collect

Water has a tendency to find a way for itself in the most unusual spots. Such as your gas tank, brake fluid reservoir, cabin corners, etc.

Unfortunately, if there is excess moisture it can lead to unwanted corrosion. If by chance the component of the vehicle is rusted, an entire system needs replacement which in turn becomes an expensive deal.

Rodents can take up residence

The underside part of the car is cozy. It is a very shaded place. It is thus not strange if you see rats, mice, and maybe insects under the hood. May be behind the tires or even in the exhaust pipe.

If they get hungry and curious, there is a certainty that plastic and rubber components can end up getting chewed upon.

Faded paint

It is not necessary that all car owners have a covered garage. If you park your car under the sun day in and day out, you may notice that the paint of your car has turned into a lighter hue.

Excessive heat can destroy your vehicle’s clear coat which is but natural. Moreover, increases the risk of fading and other forms of paint damage. What happens to a car after five months with no use?

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