What is Blind Spot Monitoring?

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Blind Spot Monitoring also is known as BSM. It helps in the form of warning you in case of cars in your blind spots. It is useful at the time of changing lanes. Whenever there is the detection of a vehicle, there is a warning light that gets light upon the frame.


It can light up the glass of your wing mirror or window frame on the relevant side. Sometimes you can observe an icon in the head-up display or an audible beeping alert too. You can also observe a vibration in the steering wheel or seat.

How does blind Spot Monitoring work?

Blind Spot monitoring basically has a role of detecting cars in the blind spots from both sides. It also detects the back and the front with the help of radar sensors. Such radar sensors are located under the rear bumper or side-view mirror.

These sensors tend to scan about one lane width beside the car. It scans on either side and also from the wing mirrors to approximately 10 feet crossing the back bumper. But they sometimes may not be able to detect smaller vehicles such as motorcycles or bicycles etc.

Do you need Blind Spot Monitoring in my new family car?

Usually, people love BSM. Cars having child sets in the backside of the car, one can find really hard in a lot of cars. They can find it difficult to see out of the rear side windows and often the rear window. This creates a huge blind spot. BSM is most helpful at the time of dual carriageways and motorways. It is even more helpful at the time of changing lanes and sure that there is nothing in your blind spots. Such blind spots become much bigger with the installation of child seats.

What else is blind spot monitoring called?

There are other names of blind spot monitoring which are as follows:

  1. A Blindspot information system.
  2. Blindspot detection.
  3. The Blind spot warning.
  4. Blindspot warning system.

BSM can be divided into different categories:

  1. Active BSM.
  2. Passive BSM.

Active BSM

This kind of monitoring uses some type of electrical device. Such devices are mounted on the top of the car. It sends out electromagnetic waves or even takes computer-processed images with the help of a camera. These detectors notice another vehicle getting along with your car. It immediately flashes a light in the driver’s peripheral vision. It even makes audible sounds or uses both.

Passive BSM

Passive BSM involves a mirror. Some car manufacturers use an alternative by putting a special convex mirror in the corner of the external rearview mirror. Such mirrors can see in the areas where normal rearview mirrors cannot. If you don’t have any of these, you can easily buy and install it. The test has shown that these mirrors are the cheapest form of BSM. They are also an effective radar-based system.

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