What is the Arrow Symbol in the Car Indicated for?

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The arrow symbol in the car is indicated for the fuel pump. Most of the people are in fact 95% of them are not aware of the arrow symbol.


The arrow symbol in the car is an indication on which side the car’s filler cap is available or is on. If the arrow is pointing towards or is available on the left side indicates filler cap is available on the left side. It becomes easier for those people who are not sure on which side the fuel indicator is.

The earlier car models do not support any facility of the fuel gauge and thus the drivers face a variety of problems. Filling the fuel tank is one of the various problems. People make various attempts; they even try to fit the fuel indicator on the fuel tank directly. Though it brings some ease yet the matter is not easy to solve. Thus People still try various attempts to come up with something new.

Introduction of Arrow Symbol on the Fuel Tank

The people find it difficult to unveil the mystery of the fuel tank. But, this tiny arrow is extremely helpful for the drivers and therefore the car users. In order to help the drivers, the car manufacturers start using a small arrow on the dashboard. Although, drivers find it difficult to notice the small change. Most of them did not understand the purpose for an extended time but eventually, it becomes limelight. There are many useful warning signs available in the car, and many people don’t know how to read the warning lights.

The arrow symbol on the fuel indicator useful for

Advantages of the arrow symbol on the fuel indicator are as follows:

  1. Easy to identify the fuel filler cap.
  2. Saves energy and time.
  3. Clears the unnecessary ambiguity about the position of the fuel tank lid.
  4. Ease to fill the fuel tank.
  5. Easy judgments when we drive a car we take on a rent basis.

The fuel gauges in the car are quite common and available in all types of vehicles. The fuel gauge is perhaps the foremost carefully observed segment on the dashboard. Apart from the super famous “F”(full) and “E” (empty) marks, another mark is usually found on fuel indicators all around the world. The fuel dispenser mark, a graphical depiction of a fuel pumping machine is useful in supplying cars with fuel.

The Mysterious Symbol:

When car manufacturers begin adding an arrow symbol next to the fuel dispenser mark. They do not notice the small change. But it turns out that the tip of the arrow points on the side of the vehicle where we locate fuel tanks.

To some drivers, this does not come as a surprise. They already know it or guess it. What is, in fact, more surprising is that on older car models the position of the fuel dispenser’s hose or of the fuel dispenser marks itself (left or right) has an equivalent purpose but proves to be ineffective. So people tend to prefer a more obvious arrow.

This takes us back to the start of this story.  You try to do what a diligent driver does. That is, stop and leave the car and look after your fuel tank.

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