What is the Best Weather for a Carwash?

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Best Weather for a Carwash: In the present scenario, cars have become an important part of our life. They are an innovative invention by engineers which are more than machines. The invention of cars is a revolution in the lives of people. Having a car is no less than freedom of movement.


With the years passing by, there is now a special bond between people and cars. It is nothing wrong in saying that car is a necessity to modern life. It is even more than that. People just love cars and moreover cannot live without it. When we love something we take very good care of it. So is in the case of the car.

Taking proper care of a car requires knowledge and attention. Car is an investment and thus is a reliable source. The car needs proper washing and cleaning. All we need to do is to wash it and clean it thoroughly.

A few things to consider

Some people have the tendency to choose a car depending upon its “washability”. We have often heard in common parlance that white cars get dirty easily. The black cars in the rainy season look like wolves in the zoo. For car washing, we need water, shampoo, sponge, some wax, and a piece of dry cloth. Factors such as weather can affect the final results too.

In some places, it is easy to predict the weather conditions. For instance, in the tropics, it’s rainy if it is not sunny. As we all aware of the weather conditions, if we plan our activities according to the weather conditions is vital. When the car is dirty, it needs cleaning irrespective of the weather. If it needs it to be done, it should be done in a proper way.

A cold weather wash

It is equally important to wash yours in the cold season. If there are snow, dirt, and salt on the roads, the car has the tendency to accumulate. Salt is prominently dangerous as it can cause damage due to its tendency to corrode.

While washing you’re in such a cold season, the two most important thing to consider is to dress up and try not to get yourself wet. On must be careful with the water around especially if the temperature is extremely low. There can be a possibility of the formation of ice.

Prefer using hot water, non-freezing products, dry thoroughly and you are good to go. Sometimes winter washing is more or less a necessity. Sub-zero temperature and water are not the best of friends thus precaution is necessary.

Too hot to handle

Washing your car on a hot dry sunny day is like a joke and a funny thing to do. The fact is, it is not a good idea if you do it in direct sunlight. If we apply water and chemicals to a hot, fast-drying surface can leave the car with soap spots and water stain. If the stain is unwashed it may damage the paint in the long run. So don’t make hot washing a habit.

Closing words

Proper balance is important at the time of washing the car. It is a common saying that anything in excess is dangerous. Moderation is the key and the optimal weather condition is mild heat, plenty of sunshine, low winds. For the great results, one should always use wax and always warm up the muscles before taking up sponge.

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