What is the Online Auto Auction?

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What is the Online Auto Auction? It is a very important question for those who are interesting in buying a Japan used car. Not a long time back, people looking for used cars from auctions had to visit the auction sites physically, wait for the category of their choice, bid manually and repeat the process until they land up with the car. But now, due to the presence of the online industry, the importers don’t have to go through this process physically as they can access the auctions online through service providers.


Online auctions save you from a lot of complications and troubles also save your time, as understanding the auction procedures is not an easy task. Firstly, there are a lot of auction houses in Japan, and the auctions are categorized on a regional and another basis, with specific times scheduled for each. A person can’t be practically present at all auction sites and can miss out on ideal cars.


Through the online auto auction services, you can be fully assured that none of the cars that fall into your desired category is not completely missed out, whereas the personnel responsible for bidding on your behalf are well trained specifically for this job so you can get the best-used car based on your criteria. Moreover, the bidding management system is developed and ensures that the process is flawless and convenient for you.

Understanding The Auction Sheet

An Auction sheet is an exceedingly important and reliable document which provides complete and clear information about a unit (car). Covering everything from scratches to major dents and is created by an independent authority providing an unbiased assessment of the unit.

Bidding Results of Online Auto Auction

When you make a bid for cars in a Japanese used car auction, the possible outcomes of your bid can be:

You purchase a car matching your budget or close to it. BOUGHT
Car purchased by someone before you in the auction. SOLD
The bids do not reach the reserve price set by sellers. SOLD
A passing vehicle sold after negotiation on price. SOLD IN NEGOTIATION
A vehicle removed from auction by the seller during the process. REMOVED

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