What to Do After Buying a Lemon Car?

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Everybody must have heard a phrase in their life when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But it is not as easy when it comes to the lemon car. To buy an automobile is one of the most expensive investments one can make in their life. So nobody is going to have a dud. In case you end up buying a lemon car there are different repercussions.


Luckily, there are laws out there to protect consumers from this unfortunate event. If you notice that your experience with a new car is sour, there is always a way out and turn it into a sweet affair.

What is a lemon car?

A lemon car is a car that has some significant faults which an automaker instead cannot fill within a specific time. Such significant faults and specific periods vary from place to place.

What to do after buying a lemon car?

If you are facing problems with the new car and the manufacturer is unable to fix it within the specified time. The specified period is mentioned in the lemon law of the respective country. You just need to follow the steps in order to recoup your money.

Though some states have the policy to protect their customers when they accidentally bought a used lemon car. But this is somewhat a different discussion.

Keep the paperwork

If you buy a lemon car, it is a matter of bad luck. In case you have a lemon car, there are certain documents that may help you get out of this mess.

You just need to provide the service records of the vehicle to get rid out of this matter. You can then redeem the money from the manufacturer or dealer. These documents are sufficient enough to prove that the car is a lemon car and thus are defective. It is suggestive to keep a copy of correspondence with the dealer or automaker. The receipts of the repairs are of utmost importance, you must have a record of it.

It is pertinent to note that it is always good to take the car to your dealer when it needs repair. Otherwise, you will void the warranty.

Make your claim

When you are aware of the fact that the car is a lemon, it is better to follow the state laws. You must send a formal letter together with service proofs to the automaker company.

There is no requirement of directly using the company. In order to settle the case, most manufacturers have an arbitration program. If they ask for negotiation, it is better to sit with their allies. Since going to court is a cumbersome process and yet the last resort. Moreover, the whole legal procedure is going to take time, money, and energy.

If you even take the matter to the court, it does not prove to be a win-win situation. The reason is manufacturers must have an expert lawyer on their part. The case moreover going to take four to five years approximately to resolve the case. Being laymen, there is no such patience to hold the matter for so long wasting time, money, and energy.

Still, we can overcome this unfortunate event and get out of this problem by following the right legal procedures.

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