What to Do When Driving in a ThunderStorm

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Just like driving during heavy rainfall is not optimum, similarly driving during a thunderstorm is not so encouraged. But sometimes, situations are not in our favour and we have to deal with the thunderstorm. If it blocks our way to the journey we have to take some safety precautions so that we can drive safely in the thunderstorm.


It should always be a priority to keep yourself and passengers safe. In case the weather is extremely severe, is the utmost responsibility on the part of the driver. It is apt saying it is always better to arrive late than never arrive at the destination.

Below are some basic precautions to understand

Avoid driving in a thunderstorm, if possible

It is not recommendable to drive during a thunderstorm. As during heavy rain, we lose visibility apart from slippery roads. Always look towards weather forecaster to analyse the situation before leaving for a journey. If you encounter a heavy thunderstorm, try to wait and let the situation in control. When the weather is tolerable than you may proceed.

If we get stuck in a thunderstorm and we don’t have a choice, try to find a weather station on the radio and keep a track of the conditions while driving.

Understand the condition you may encounter

If you are well aware of the upcoming conditions it will help you stay calm, on-guard, and prepared. The weather and the potential situation that we may encounter can be:

  1. Mild to severe rain.
  2. Lightning and thunder strike.
  3. Robust winds.
  4. Hailstorms and tornadoes.
  5. Affected road conditions such as flooded roads, muddy roads, roads having blockage due to debris.

Prefer vehicle having roof and windows

At the time of such severe conditions, it is not a good option to drive convertible. The roof of a convertible is not protected from falling hail or debris. It is also suggestible to not drive a vehicle that does not have a closed body to it. Such as motorcycle, a golf cart and car having no windows.

Perform a basic check on your car before leaving

It is suggested to check your car before heading towards your journey. Some people don’t prefer to prepare a checklist. If you dare to go in a thunderstorm, you need to react quickly. If the car is not operating right and you react hastily, it can cost someone’s life.

Always make sure the following are in good condition:

  1. Oil and antifreeze levels.
  2. Windshield wipers
  3. Blinkers
  4. Brakes
  5. Headlight and taillights
  6. Tires
  7. Insurance papers and license
  8. Emergency equipment for your car

Fill the gas tank, if it’s low

It is going to be the worst situation that you are stranded with an empty gas tank during the storm. If you ever notice that your gas tank is empty or close to empty. If you notice such kind of situation, fill it up at the nearest gas station as soon as possible. Always bring a cell phone with you, if you get stuck, it will help to make an emergency call to alert them to the situation.

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