What to Do with a Dead Battery?

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When a battery of a car is dead and the car is not starting, it is such an inconvenient condition. It is also a factual truth that it always dies at the wrong time. You may always discover its dead when are rushing towards somewhere and the engine is not turning over.


Here are some quick solutions where you can get back on the road in a short time.

Car battery dead- Quick fixes

Look around you

In case the battery of the car is dying, options can vary from time to time depending upon the situations. It completely depends upon where you are and what time your battery is decided to punch the proverbial ticket. The first thing that you need is jumper cables and a person who is willing to do it. Such a person who is willing to pull his or her car up and give you a kick start.

If you never know how to jumpstart a car before and if you ask yourself how to do it. It is better to try asking someone near you. Maybe such a person give you a hand of help? 

Never be shy about asking as anybody can encounter this situation. He knows that he has already been in such a situation before. If in case you are unable to find someone, do not hustle and move towards the next step below:

Phone your friend

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, a friend can be a key to help. Just take out your cell phone and search for the loss of friends who can come immediately and offer you help. Call anybody, your spouse, your best friend, or a family member and ask if they have jumper cables. You can also ask if they can arrange such jumper cables. If you want to reach someplace and don’t have much time to deal, then they try the least to give a ride to your destination.

Call for professional help

If you get roadside assistance, make a horn and call it for help. If you offer a fee there are certain companies who can come to your location and jump-start the car. They can also tow you to a mechanic who can identify whether it needs any replacement, recharge, or just jumpstart.

Advice to keep your car battery alive

You can still extend the battery of your car and not put yourself in a situation. You don’t need to use any of the above fixes.

  1. Don’t leave your stereo on: when the vehicle is not running, the stereo can drain the battery quickly.
  2. Don’t leave the lights on: it is pertinent to make sure that your headlights and interior lights are off every time you exit your car. If you have got an option to leave the lights to turn on. Use the automatic setting to avoid having to turn the switch.
  3. Be conscious of cold weather: Cold weather is the weather which tests the limits of the battery. In such a season to start the engine is a stressful activity. Always consider insulating your battery. Keep an eye on it.

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