What to Look For in Your New Tires

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What to Look For in Your New Tires: When you go out for buying a new tire, you should look for the following things in the tire.

  1. Tire code
  2. DOT Code
  3. UTQG
  4. The type of tire
  5. Fuel economy
  6. Warranty
  7. Noise

Apart from these, you must consider the following things:

  1. Manufacturer’s placard information
  2. To buy a new model of tire or use the current one.
  3. Determine the needs   
  4. Buy a new tire or used tire

Things to look for while buying a new tire are as follows:

Tire code: When you buy a new tire, one should always check the code or tire marking, the code contains information about the main specs, such as load and speed ratings, diameter, etc.

Tire type: The tire contains certain letters which have a definite meaning to it which are as follows:

  1. P is for passenger tire which is regular fir tires.
  2. LT is for light trucks; such tires have an immense load-carrying capacity.
  3. ST for the special trailer, such tires have thicker sidewalls for larger vertical loads.
  4. T is for temporary and spare tires.

Tread width: it is basically a three-digit number that represents the distance between sidewall edges in millimeters.

Aspect ratio:  this indicates the relation of the section height to the section width. The lower the ratio the better is going to be the steering of the tire.

Internal Construction: you can see R which means radial which has become widespread for the past few years. Steel, nylon, and cords are placed inside the tread in a pattern of radial.
B is for a bias belt to provide a smooth ride due to the belt-like layer.

Rim diameter: it is one or two-digit numbers expressed in inches.it identifies the diameter of the wheel to work at the best.

Long rating: It is a two or three-digit number that shows how much weight a tire can hold.

DOT Code:

DOT stands for the department of transportation. Usually, it is a combination of 10-13 digits and letters.

UTQG Code:

It shows the characteristics of an estimated three tires on the test conducted by a particular manufacturer.

Fuel Economy:

One should always look for the tire:

  1. Having low rolling resistance
  2. The best option for fuel saving on your particular vehicle.
  3. Tire specs for fuel-efficiency grade-dome manufacturers provide the information.


There are basically two types of warranty: defect protection and tread warranty. The most popular manufacturers generally provide both types of warranty. Such tread will last forever. However, always check thoroughly before purchasing a warranty. It sometimes happens that tires wear out faster. In such a scenario, there can be a possibility that you may get a replacement. Some manufacturers check that if you have been taking proper care of your tire.


Always prefer to choose less noisy tires. When you want to drive your car on highways, you want your car to be as quiet as possible. All tires make noise due to the flow of air through the tread. So it is always better to consult a better shop before buying a tire.

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