When the Car Lights Are Off

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When the car lights are off, you are not calling danger on the road but can also be pulled over by the police. If you get pulled over by the police, you may further receive a ticket that can cost you bucks. It is always better to ensure that brake lights are working in good condition. It is a good way to stay safe on the road.


If the brake lights are off, we can test them by ourselves. We can inspect without anyone looking at the rear of the vehicle while you pump brakes on and off. Here are several methods by which we can self-check whether car lights are off.

Use a pole to check brake lights

To test the brake lights we need a broomstick, mop, painting pole, or basic pole. If the broom end being in your vehicle, we can still use the whole broom. You just have to take one end of the stick and press the brake pedal.

Then prop another end firmly against the seat cushion. Now walk back around the car and check the brake lights. There are multiple products available in the market, but a single broomstick is sufficient.

Use a rearview mirror to check the brake lights

One of the easy to self-check by you is to park facing a glass storefront. When you look into the rearview mirror & pump the brakes. You should be able to see through reflection if they are working properly. When you park the vehicle opposite a reflective surface, it is an opportunity to make sure lights are working properly.

Brake light testers

There are certain tools by which you can check the brake lights. This is possible if you often attach a trailer to a vehicle. In this way, you can ensure that lights are working properly. There are circuit testers available in the market. Through such a circuit, we are able to see all the circuits in a vehicle are fully operational. They are not expensive either and you can take the hassle out of knowing if you are connected correctly.

What if the tail light goes off?

If a front light goes out, we can easily detect as light does not show on the road when it is dark. The rear brake lights are quite trickier but we are able to detect when one of them is out. It is even without help from anyone else.

If you notice that the bulb is out, it becomes necessary in situations to replace it. One can easily replace the light bulb on its own rather than going to a mechanic. Generally, most of the vehicle has a fixed location for all the bulbs under separate lenses. It is even easier to get a new bulb at an auto store or online automotive parts supplier.

In order to install it, we need to unscrew the clear light lens with a screwdriver. Remove the housing while keeping close eyes on the screws. Then remove the assembly that holds the old bulb, insert a new one. Then fit the bulb back in, screw the housing back on.

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