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When to ditch your old car for a new ride

When to ditch your old car for a new ride

Always make the right choice when you decide when to ditch your old car for a new ride. The age of vehicles on the road rises and falls, considering the average, pretty much depending upon the current economic situation.

When the time runs good, people tend to have more money and their cars are younger and look amazing and stylish. When the time is bad, we don’t have as much money floating across. In such a case, people stick to their cars for a longer period of time.

Having proper maintenance can go a long way if you keep the older cars on the road for longer. However major repairs on the car can quickly stack up and make us wonder? Is the old one still reliable to repair? When are the right and correct time to look for a new car or at least a newer car? This looks simple, but going deep inside there are a lot of factors involved in making a decision to stick with what you have. Or we might spring for something new.


It is very important here to segregate the sentimental value from the monetary value of your car. In other words, we can say, how much is the worth of the car. It is also very important to know how much it would cost to buy a new car or used car. When you estimate how much maintenance and car repair cost would incur. In such a case, you can judge whether it is worth buying or not to repair the car, replace the car.

Factors to consider when asking, “Is it time to repair or replace my vehicle?”

  1. When does it start costing you money?
  2. What is the cost and what are your finances?
  3. Is reliability impacting your daily life?
  4. What is your safety gap (Gap in safety features from your current ride to the new ones)?
  5. What is your technology gap?

Understand the Pros and Cons of keeping that old car

Yes, you can keep an old car, instead of springing for a new car. There are lots of vehicles on the road, some daily drivers who keep on driving on a regular basis dating back to the 1960s. so there is nothing preventing you from doing the same thing. It is a fact, there are always pros and cons of keeping an old car.

On the corollary, keeping an old is a bit problematic. If the repair cost is frequent, you have to think carefully about how much money is going to be wasted. On the other side, your old car is reliable and is a part of the family. Treating as a part of the family, you know all the controls and how the car handles. Insurance premium and registration fees every year become cheaper. If the cost is still below from the threshold. If you wait to buy a new car, you can get more time to save more money.

In a Nutshell

If someone asks, is there a need to repair or replace vehicles? Only you can decide what is right for your situation. And ask yourself, which option is least expensive: monthly payments on repair bills or car or lease payments. Also, it is important to consider the safety feature and peace of mind in the calculation.

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