When to Use the Air Recirculation Button

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When to Use the Air Recirculation Button: Everybody must have seen in the car a button showing an arrow looks like it’s going in a circle. It is such a button which many people might not be aware of. They don’t know how to use that button and what its usage is if they try to push the button.


However, there are people who have never used the recirculation button as they are not aware of such a button. They don’t know what they can do with such a button. Let us here study when to use the Air recirculation button.

In the winter and Cold Weather

People do not want to use recirculated air in the season of winter as it traps humidity which gets inside the car. This humidity further results in super foggy windows. This is not a good indication at all. It is a warning when the weather is cold, it is important to note that recirculation is not selected.

There are certain people who think that one should not have all that cold air get in if they are using fresh air mode. The fresh air mode stimulates the air outside via heater core so it looks nice and toasty before it reaches you. The windows of the car defog way quicker and stay the same while you are driving. Fresh air is like your friend in winter.

So what exactly is that button for?

The answer is quite clear that is basically for summers. If you use a recirculation air button it helps the car to stay cool as much as possible. It is more when it is hot outside and you have turned on the AC. It basically reverts back the cool air that you receive from the A/c when you turn on the button.

The longer you switch on the button, the cooler your car gets as much as possible. In case the A/C I am not working properly and does not get cold even though the recirculation air button is on. It is a sign of warning that you must take the car to the service center right away, there is definitely a problem.

There may be a possibility that the recirculation button is missing in the car. Nowadays new models are well equipped with sensors that monitor your cabin air moisture levels.

New models switch automatically between recirculation and fresh air. It is not at all a matter of worry if you don’t see the recirculation fresh air button on the model. The car is fancier than the rest of the car.

Pro Tips

In the summer season, it is vital to get down the windows for a bit. Especially when you are trying to get out of the scorching heat and stuffy air that happens due to the sun. In winter just turn on the a/c button while starting the car.

This will help clear the windows faster. The A/C in the car de-humidifies air by nature. This will shorten the time it usually takes. It is not a matter of worry your heater in the car will warm up as its tendency. You need to make sure that it is set on hot.

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