Why Are Fire Engines Red?

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Why Are Fire Engines Red?: The Fire engine red color is generally for emergency vehicles, particularly for fire service vehicles. We generally see fire fighting trucks moving on the road at the time of the fire or some medical emergency. Most people assume the reason behind the red engine variedly. They think the bright red color of the engine makes the vehicle identifiable in the pool of vehicles. Some have perception and link it with fire.


Use of Fire Engines

The word fire truck and fire engine are interchangeable. They are basically in use for accomplishing fire fighting operations. These fire engines have a link with communication equipment, mobile computer technology, visual and audible warnings.

The motive of the Fire Engine

  1. Move firefighters as and when an incident happens.
  2. Provide equipment such as first aid kit, pumps, hoses, ground ladders as per the requirement.
  3. Provide water to deal with the fire.

Facts to Know About Fire Engines

The fire truck color is also known as fire-engine red in most of the countries. Many countries still paint their vehicle with a fire engine red color. Now people are well versed and it’s natural to see the color red. The fire department doesn’t find any reason to change the color.

Nevertheless, many fire departments still consider color other than red for their fire engines.

Theory Associated With Red Colour of Fire Engines

In the era of the 1900s, black paint used to be very durable and cheap. This is the reason that Henry Ford prefers to color his model in black color. The black color is easily available and cheap. However, in order to make the fire engine stand out differently amid another car, the fire department begins choosing a red color for their emergency vehicles.


There is another theory behind the red color. The fire department comprises of self-volunteers or non- payable volunteers. They begin painting all the fire engines in red color because they believe red is the cheapest color after black. While some have a belief, it is a symbol of a source of pride for a country. Different people have different perceptions in relation to red color; so far, there is no practical answer to it.

Red is the Best Option For Fire Engines

It is a common belief that red color is a sign of danger. It is a general saying that red color has a prolonged wavelength in the visible spectrum. The vehicle has a red color that is easy to track and identifiable even from a distance.

In contrary to it, human eyes are sensitive when they come in contact with a greenish-yellow color. They generally have a wavelength between 510 nm and 570 nm. Whenever there is fog or gaze or at night, people tend to pay more attention to the greenish-yellow vehicle than the red one.

According to the study, approximately 4 years of study of optometrists. They find that in comparison to green yellowish trucks, the involvement of the red truck is far more. The greenish-yellow truck is less likely to involve in intersection accidents.

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