Why Japanese Love Boxy Cars?

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Everyone might have thought why Japanese love boxy cars. If you ever been to Japan or have binge-watched any TV shows or series, you can easily notice the Japanese cars are boxier. They are moreover small in appearance and quite different in comparison to new era cars.


The reason behind Japanese love boxy cars are as follows

Shinto Mind-set

Everyone must be aware of the fact the Japanese are too much into their traditions and historic culture. One of the principles that the Japanese believe a lot is Shinto. It is basically a principle where they honor the earth and other human beings.

The basic fundamental behind the Shinto principle is sharing transactions. It believes in minimal you require and share the rest with neighbors. This not only gives you gratification but also makes you happy and selfless.

There is a logic behind using this principle in the car; the Japanese follow the same rule when they design for the three-box rule cars that promulgate Shinto. They just want to spread the message to the entire world. They want everyone to believe that always have a giving nature. This is one reason why Japanese love boxy cars.

Kei Cars concept

Kei cars are also known as light version automobile cars. It is a prevalent concept since world war-II. That was the most difficult time for the Japanese people. That was the time they could not afford luxury cars.

Kei cars concept is basically an attempt by the automobile industries to make it accessible and affordable. Kei cars are small and boxy cars that are not only affordable but comfortable as well. It is very comfortable for people across Japan.

The reason behind increasing love for boxy cars is the low tax and insurance liabilities. Such boxy cars are more accessible in rural areas. The reason is there is no requirement of certifying any parking space availability while buying a vehicle.

Space Factor

Japan is considered as an island country as it is overcrowded with people. Due to overpopulation or, we can say a high population, there is a shortage of parking space. Drivers face huge challenges when it comes to parking a car in the city. Some drivers may enjoy driving over-sized and western sized cars. These are not good when the traffic is enlarging.

However, boxy-looking cars can save the day. Boxy cars occupy minimum parking spaces. Japanese prefer these cars as they know how difficult It is to drive in a huge traffic jam. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to inside space in the car. The Japanese manufacturers have designed the car in such a way that there is no such issue.

They are very creative keeping in mind the needs of the people. They maintain a compact outer shell.

This is a reason Japanese car manufacturers offer a large quantity of boxier cars. The speed limits of the cars in Japan are restrictive so they are not in concern with aerodynamic.

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