Why Nitrogen-Filled Tires Are Good for Car

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In this article, you will read about “Why Nitrogen-Filled Tires Are Good for Car”. Many people may know the fact you can fill tires with anything other than air. You can fill the tire using nitrogen; the reason is nitrogen is more stable than oxygen. Some tires of vehicles require more precision tuning like race cars, aircraft, spacecraft, and industrial machinery. This makes consumers believe that nitrogen is a better choice if you are opting for regular old cars. This can be a truth to some extent but not always.


The air in which we breathe is having 78% oxygen content. If you have a nitrogen-filled tire is having 93 to 95 percent oxygen. So we can say that there is minimal difference between the regular tire and one filled with nitrogen.

The nitrogen-filled tires can be good for your cars due to the following reasons

Less Leakage from tires

There is a molecular structure as the rubber flexes and stretches while rolling through which air escapes.  If we compare then the atom of nitrogen is a little bigger than an atom of oxygen. This is the reason atoms of nitrogen are less able to permeate rubber and escape from the tire.

It becomes a little complicated, but the matter is air escapes from tire 1.6 times faster than nitrogen.it is always to keep in mind even if you have nitrogen inside your tires, you still can’t control oxygen. The oxygen surrounding the atmosphere still affects the tire from outside.

More Consistent fuel economy

It is rightly said, correct air pressure optimizes your fuel economy. If the pressure of the tire is higher, better is the fuel of the economy. The reason is it reduces rolling resistance. Nitrogen stays in the tire for a longer period of time; there is no need for working hard to keep them properly inflated. Eventually, it makes it easier to get the best economic fuel.

More consistent handling

If you have nitrogen-filled tires, does not make the car handle better. you can sense the advantages as it is quite minor for everyday driving. It is also true that nitrogen optimizes the performance of the car when it comes to handling. It also tries to stabilize tire pressure. This is the only reason that racing cars use nitrogen in tires. But most of the people don’t feel the difference when they commute on a daily basis.

Reduce wear and tear

If we fill the tires with nitrogen we can reduce wear and tear on the wheels and other components as well. Air has different components such as water vapor, while nitrogen does not have such components. Generally, the water vapor increases the recommended pressure in your tire as and when it heats up.

The gas station air compressors have water in the tank that goes inside the tire and add more water to the mixture. There can be rusting inside the wheel or the valve system due to water vapor content. This can also corrode the sensitive sensors used by the cars having a tire pressure monitoring system. So tires having nitrogen in it can cause certain benefits.

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