Will Car Wake Me Up When I’m Super Sleepy

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Will car wake me up when I’m super sleepy. Yes and no. In drive, sleeping is a reality. Once in a while, you doze off as you drive. Long hours on the road, a tiring day, stress, and a lot of other reasons could cause it. Japan used car market study indicated so.


Especially true of today’s executive life. And so, of the over-committed young. Driving ladies don’t do it any better either.

Super luxury cars have it

Japan used cars, like Toyota, Lexus, and Nissan are smoother to drive and have a mechanism to handle just this kind of situation. In these vehicles, systems and devices exist to detect steering deviation, lane de-tracking, ultra-long route touring, etc., Triggering driver sleep alerts on digressions. The alert making a sound clitter along with a coffee cup indicator on the dashboard.

2nd  rung car driver’s peril

However, This is not good enough. Japan used car consumer study strongly Indicates so. For one, most cars in use are far noisier than these luxury prima donnas. This causes a sonorous rhythm of its own which is sleep-inducing. Secondly, in the middle order and the lower rung car types the sleep alert system is not present as of today.

Even they cannot be fitted as an extra accessory. The technology is just not available off the market shelf. In Japan used car study, especially in its more diagnostic detailing, the pupil study of the drivers, found that some even doze off with their eyes wide open.

Alarming accident rates

It’s hence no wonder that we have the alarming 824 accidents every year, in the US alone attributed to dozing drivers. Most of them causing gross fatalities. This data being 5 to 6 years old, the new projected figures must be much larger and multifold.

Apart from the high-end luxury cars, the implementation of the driver sleep detection system is way out of the realms of the assembly lines. The main factor is the non-availability of technology. Besides, the technology itself is in the developing and acclimatizing mode. And imbibing its cost will certainly droop the already sagging bottom-line of the car manufacturers.

Regulator apathy

Little away from all this and yet being at the heart of the matter is the sensitivity of the automobile industry regulator, government, media and the consumer himself. They not being fully aware of this issue, do not understand the criticality and urgency of it.

Moreover, as most car users drive the vehicle Intermittently, their sensibilities are dimmed about this. For late-night parties and upcountry drives, when driver drooling is most expected, they often use professional drivers. Hence personally escaping this experience of driver drooling.

Consumers almost unaware

Admittedly the odds of lay car owners being in this situation are not common. With the increasingly stressful and sleep deficient lifestyle the criticality of the driver alert system gets more real and day today. The actual accidents like bush-fire are a chanced affair. But when they happen, the accidents are disastrous.

Waiting for disaster

Hence we gather here that, besides the technological void, there is also a huge social apathy to regulatory implementation of the alert system. Very much akin to human nature, illustrated by the instances, where natives living at tsunami-prone sea shores hardly look for higher places to move in time, until the huge waves actually reach and inundate their doorsteps.

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