World’s Best Roads to Drive

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World’s Best Roads to Drive: There is nothing more than beautiful exploring roads alongside a beautiful landscape and driving. The world is huge and has immense road connectivity to drive and feel pleasure. But there are some roads which are the most amazing as far as navigation, beauty, and experience are taken into consideration.


Road trips in Japan are one of the most awesome experiences one can have. They have beautiful scenic spots and driving roads throughout the country. Though some roads, we may find difficulty in reaching if we opt for public transportation. Moreover Driving in Japan is way easier. Some of the places to visit in Japan is:

  1. Roller coaster road, in Furano, Hokkaido 
  2. Patchwork Road in Biei, Hokkaido
  3. Bandai-Azuma Skyline in Fukushima
  4. Izu Skyline in Shizuoka
  5. Venus Line in Nagano Chirihama Nagisa Driveway in Ishikawa

Here are some of the world’s best roads to drive:

Rohtang Pass, India:

Though it is inevitable that landslides are uncontrollable throughout Rohtang Pass. Thus it becomes important to take precautions as well. When you drive while taking precautions you get to observe most splendid glaciers, rivers, and clouded mountain tops. Such a view is breathtaking and to drive there is like a dream come true.

Chapman’s Peak Drive, South Africa:

The roads are very beautiful and alluring overlooking the sea. This road makes you feel like traveling along a mountain edge. It is scary yet once in a lifetime experience which is never to forget. This road has 114 curves. It means the five miles will demand some attentive, precautionary driving. But the view while driving is worth it and has to experience a once in a lifetime.

Ruta, Argentina:

This driving is approx. 3000-mile driving. Throughout this journey, you may come across 20 national parks and 18 rivers. This journey is a combination of eclectic and stunning views that can take your breath away. In the entire journey, you have a feeling of beautiful dreams. Those who live to drive and admire adventure and nature must drive on this road as soon as possible.

State Route 1, Big Sur, California:

Riding through the pacific coast in California, SR1 is an epitome of west coast beauty. Such beauty has crisp clear ocean views that can drive you away. The green valley like landscape makes you feel refreshed and energetic. There are some other things which are indeed better than cruising down SR1, windows down. Most importantly surf rock playing on a sunny day.

A82 Road, Scotland:

Once you visit Scotland, you will realize the gorgeous countryside and scenic areas like the A82 Road in Glencoe. Wherever you go be it overgrown grass on rocks to historical bridges, every view us worth gazing. Everything is so worth it that there is no point in regretting the money expenditure.

Hana Highway, Hawaii:

The roads in Hawaii are perhaps the most beautiful in the world. The reason is the island hosts a lush landscape in most of the places. Such a view makes the road alluring and worth driving in our lifetime. Hana Highway provides the most diverse sights inclusive of rain forests, oceans, and waterfalls. The roads feel pleasant to drive.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina/Virginia, USA:

If you are looking for a view of Appalachian highlands and the colourful beauty. You will be stuck bound to see the beauty, refreshes it offers while driving on such roads. The parkway that extends from North Carolina to Virginia imprint such an impression that you can forget in your lifetime. It is a place which is worth visiting.

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